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Greetings From Prato October 26, 2010

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Greetings learning people. The three posts on this blog have three variations of pictures. This one has a picture set to show at 250 pixels aligned to the right. This text will flow around it. The second picture is left aligned and clicking on it will reveal the picture at full size. I have chosen not to allow that feature on this picture so you can not scrutinise it for the various drink and drugs on my table. This is an alcove in my hotel room in Prato where I will be delivering your session from.

The third picture I have chosen to display at 600 pixels and to accommodate that size I have chosen to display that image in the centre with the text above it ( it could be below)

I will show you how to do this in your own blogs and then you can choose whichever suites you best. The theme you have chosen for your blog has some effect on how it all looks.

When we have done with the session will you please comment on this blog on  your impressions of this session so we can look to develop and improve in future. Hopefully this will work so that I may deliver all my sessions from Prato. See you on Skype 2pm GMT October 27th.


Art Within Art

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Click to enlarge

I have chosen to make this picture 250 pixels wide and make it sit to the left of the screen. The text I write will flow around it. The picture was first resized to 1024 pixels before uploading and I have chosen to make it possible to click on the image to make it full size. I have added a caption to suggest people do this to see the full size picture. I will show you how to do this.

This is a well known sculpture in Prato but I was struck by the fact that from this angle I could include the red traffic light creating a new piece of art. I have cropped the image tightly to emphasise this point. BY now you have probably noticed that I am waffling on a bit and this is in order to produce enough text so that it does indeed flow around the picture. The sculpture is by someone quite famous but he means nothing to me and so I have forgotten his name. What is more important is that the Co-Op lies beyond that red light where one can buy many useful items.

I notice that the text does not yet flow around the image but it may well do on lower resolution screens than the one I am using. Suffice to say, it will flow around and if I keep waffling for a little longer it will indeed do so.


An Image 600 Pixels

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The image below has been set to display at 600 pixels wide and set in the centre of the page. It is really 1024 pixels wide as I resized it before uploading.  This picture was taken this afternoon from the room of my hotel here in Prato.


So How Did It Go? October 25, 2010

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Hope you all managed the session OK. Please use the comments in this post to let me know how you got on. Post a link to your own blog so we can see your image uploads.